The Complete 2 Tone Records Catalog.

Catalog No.
A - Side
B - Side
CHS TT 1217 The Specials Ghost Town Why?
Friday Night, Saturday Morning
CHS TT 1218 Rhoda & The Special A.K.A. The Boiler Theme From The Boiler
CHS TT 1219 Rico & The Special A.K.A. Jungle Music Rasta Call You
Easter Island
CHS TT 1220 The Appolinaires The Feeling's Gone (Dance Mix) The Feeling's Back
The Bongo Medley
CHS TT 1221 The Higsons Tear The Whole Thing Down Y Lang, Y Lang
CHS TT 1222 The Appolinaires Envy The Love Give It Up
CHS TT 1023 The Special A.K.A. War Crimes (The Crime Is Still The Same) War Crimes (Version) 10"
CHS TT 1224 The Higsons Run Me Down Put The Punk Back
CHS TT 1225 The Special A.K.A. Racist Friend
Bright Lights
Racist Friend (Instrumental)
Bright Lights (Instrumental)
CHS TT 1226 The Special A.K.A. Nelson Mandela Break Down The Door
CHS TT 1227 The Special A.K.A. What I Like Most About You Is Your Girlfriend Can't Get A Break
CHS TT 1228 The Friday Club Window Shopping Window Shopping (Instrumental)
CHS TT 1229 JB's All Stars The Alphabet Army Al.Arm