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Information Speaks, Island Park, Long Island, New York, 2nd March 1980

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Post subject: Speaks, Island Park, Long Island, New York, 2nd March 1980 Reply with quote

Been knocking around for a few years but worth a re-up. Grabbed from Dime Smile

Last show of the first US tour

Cassette > Wav > Flac > Easytree

There's a story with it. From 1976 through 1980 I taped a lot of shows at My Father's Place in Roslyn New York. (So did WLIR). Until 1979 no one cared very much and I did such things as taping one mike to a pole right in front of the PA and pointing the other at the amps on the stage. I'd even take that mike and trail 20 feet of cable through the "dance pit" and stand right in front of the amps. Once the nice folks at MFP started objecting I was sort of well known as a taper. I managed to get busted twice during one Lou Reed show, with a promise that the next time it happened they would break the recorder over my head. The main bouncer was this big guy who always wore a yellow plastic construction helmet.

This show was originally scheduled for MFP but they oversold it or something and it was moved to Speaks in Island Park (which was once called the Action House and later Rockpile). So I walked in with my Sony TC153 (or 158?) just to see that my guy with the yellow hat was taking tickets. I cringed and handed him my ticket. The rest of the tale is from my friend Howie who was right behind me. The guy looked at me as I was walking past. He looked at the bag I was carrying, quickly looked left and right, as if looking for someone to go after me, shrugged, and took Howie's ticket. We're in.

The place had no seats but there were a few rows of bleachers in the back. That's where the show was taped from. The sound is muddled for the first few songs because they didn't turn out the house lights for a bit. Stick it out, the rest is fine and it's a great show. If all the between song stuff is removed, it might fit on one disc. But it really is part of the show so I left it in.

This is the first time that this show is going to anyone. There were a few shows that I wanted to keep as trade bait in case there was something I desperately wanted, and this was one of them. Well, it's now 25 years later and there is so much music being posted that I can't even listen to all that I'd like. So here, enjoy it. Sorry I took so long.

01 Intro (Debbie Harry)
02 Dawning Of A New Era
03 Do The Dog
04 It's Up To You
05 Monkey Man
06 Rat Race
07 Blank Expression
08 Rude Boys Outta Jail
09 Concrete Jungle
10 Too Hot
11 Doesn't Make It Alright
12 Stupid Marriage
13 Too Much Too Young
14 Guns of Navarone
15 Little Bitch
16 A Message To You Rudy
17 Nite Klub
18 Band Intro
19 Gangsters
20 Longshot Kick The Bucket
21 Skinhead Moonstomp
22 Madness
23 You're Wondering Now
24 Man From Warika
25 Monkey Man
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