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The Specials is my favorite band of all times/music and I really like the idea of having a fan website and forums with activity. but its 2019, the design of the website its from early 2000, everything change since then.

I check other fan-websites of other bands that i like (pink floyd and queen) they are very active members. other sites have updated desing standars for web-browsers and other stuff. i like this page and there's an idea in my mind to learn web codding to help this site and make it more friendly.

Paul said in other theard he cant export all data of the forum, I know it could be possible by doing from console tools and then import all data to new updated desing, but implies a lot of time/money.

If I learn all necesary for doing that (I'm not sure how long could take to learn it Embarassed ), I'll put my effort to make new website it happend for free, cos i really love the band and like this website. would be really nice to see this site active again.
Mon Oct 07, 2019 6:52 am
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