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Information George Michael's ska band & The Beat connection

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Below is a snippet of an interview George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley did with the NME in 1983. They're speaking about what I think was their first band, The Executive, and how they'd been turned on to 2 Tone:

"It was the next thing that was really good and energetic," comments Andy.
Backed by local musicians, George and Andy were the two front vocalists who wrote the material. "We had some quite good ska numbers actually," says George. "The arrangements were really poor because they were the first songs we'd written. But a couple of them could have been really big hits. If someone had been clever enough to pick us up, organise us properly, we could have had some really big hits. I'm really pleased we didn't.

We got very close, as far as we know, because we had a manager who took a demo that hadn't really been mixed to all the record companies and, as far as we could tell, got very close to Arista with Go Feet. We were really pleased for a couple of weeks, but then the band broke up. One of the stories from that, which is quite ironic, is that our repertoire which was on the tape, included a version of 'Can't Get Used To Losing You'. After the deal had fallen through I saw in a magazine, months afterwards, that it was coming out on the new Beat album.

I thought, fucking hell I can't believe it. I was really pissed off. But to be totally honest there are two things that made me think it was pure coincidence. One is, we did it really badly. We did it really fast; and the other thing is that when Dave Wakeling sings it, he sings it so much Andy Williams that you get the impression that he was an actual Andy Williams fan, in which case it might have been a total coincidence. But it was really ironic that at the same time we were in the top five with 'Bad Boys' they were also there with that. Really strange."
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