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Information Bass Culture community archive seeks 2 Tone memorabilia

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Post subject: Bass Culture community archive seeks 2 Tone memorabilia Reply with quote

I saw this on Twitter yesterday. The Black Music Research Unit is putting together an archive under the name of Bass Culture and is looking for material. Details below:

'We are developing a submissions based archive of community content. We need your help to map the history and impact of Jamaican and Jamaican-influenced music on Britain. This includes sound system culture in the UK, British reggae and the many British music scenes that trace their musical lineage back to those roots: from two-tone and lover’s rock right up to jungle, grime and everything in between. We are interested in the impact Bass Culture has had on British life from the way people dress to talk to the sound of the pop charts and the rise of multiculturalism.'

'Do you have memories or memorabilia to share that would contribute to telling the story of Bass Culture in Britain? Old flyers, photographs, event memorabilia, fanzines? Memories of significant record shops, clubs, dances and happenings? Experiences as a fan, family member or industry professional that connect to the music? We cannot accept physical objects, but we can accept photographs and scans. We can also accept text if you would like to submit a written story or memory.'

'This is a story that is not adequately represented in academia, in mainstream media or in our national institutions. As generations pass documenting this history becomes more critical and the public has a vital role to play. Our aim is to develop an educational resource that helps establish Bass Culture as a subject area and reposition it as part of mainstream British history.'
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